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I used to have an aversion to the term "book doctor."  Manuscripts that come to me aren't ill, I thought, they're just not finished.  I respect the writing process and the time it takes to develop and structure a manuscript. I respect that a writer gets cross-eyed, can't  maintain critical perspective. That's when my job begins—a healthcare provider for your words.  The writing and revising process isn't linear. An incomplete manuscript, a manuscript on its way to becoming fully realized, isn't a sick text, but one in desperate need of a detached and experienced eye, and the author of that manuscript needs intelligent and sensitive guidance. I'm hands-on, mind-on help. I draw on years of experience as an editor, teacher, and writer to excavate the full potential of your book. I become your ally and your critic—your critical ally.  I work with established and emerging authors—everyone needs an editor!  I commit to one project at a time and devote myself to taking that project to the next level. If you need an outside expert's opinion on your manuscript, contact me to discuss how my services can advance your writing.


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